Manhattan Monday: why I love the City

July 2006 - moving my stuff in before we got married

July 2006 - moving my stuff in before we got married

After much contemplation I am finally writing my first post. So, my sweet, loving, extremely talented husband has written a post on why he loves New York City, so, I thought I would share what I love about the City we call home, and I might throw in some things that I don’t love so much. 🙂 I can’t believe how much pressure I feel as I write this, almost like I am back in school & my teacher (you, the reader) will grade me on my creativity, grammer grammar, ability to express emotion, etc. But, alas, here goes nothing…

One of the many magical moments - Central Park, March 2009

One of the many magical moments - Central Park, March 2009

The first thing I love about the City is the fact that this is where I fell in love with my husband and where we began our “family.” I have memories of our first date at Piccolo Italian restaurant, then a walk (that seemed an eternity at the time) to Union Square; our first kiss at JFK airport; strolls through Central Park with our families & friends as we were all getting to know each other & trying to figure each other out; staring at the Statue of Liberty & thinking in my head how I had fallen in love; shopping on Fifth Ave as we talked about our up-coming wedding day; having a layover in NYC before we went on our honeymoon, then coming back and starting our married life – exploring this intricate city as we navigated married life & learned how to parent a baby Yorkie.  No matter where life takes us, this will be the place I first saw Mason, the place I fell in love with him, and the place I have continued to fall  deeper and more meaningfully in love  with this amazing man I get to call my husband & best friend. It has been mystical to say the least – a little girl’s fairy tale come true-falling in love with a man better than her dreams in a magical city.

The second love of my life.

The second love of my life.

OK, enough of the mushy stuff! The first thing I love about the city itself are the many arrays of cuisine that the city has to offer. Mason and I never get bored trying new restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. I don’t believe there is anywhere in the world one can  find so many types of food in such a small radius. We go out of our door & can choose from Indian, Japanese, Spanish, Venezuelan, Polish, Egyptian, Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, Korean,  Greek,  Moroccan, Thai, Brazilian, French…shall I go on? One’s palate should really never get bored while living here. I feel a little closer to my home country in NYC due to the amazing Spanish restaurants and the fluent Spanish speakers. On a side note, it is amazing how much “true Spanish” I hear being spoken here – that is something else I love. Going back to food, oh glorious food. I firmly believe that this city is trying to make me obese – one word: Bakery. Seriously, do we need a little bit of heaven on every corner calling my name into temptation? I guess it’s a good thing I walk everywhere.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Mason's favorite restaurant for his 30th Birthday!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Mason's favorite restaurant for his 30th Birthday!

Speaking of walking,I also really enjoy walking the streets of the City. It is good, clean (well, not always so clean), free entertainment. I can spend hours and hours holding Mason’s hand as we explore new neighborhoods and talk about our future. The people-watching aspect is a pasttime in and of itself! I have come to the conclusion that either the craziest people migrate here or that living here makes you a little crazy – or maybe it’s some of both.People move in and out of the City and so do its stores. It’s interesting how often things change…one week there might be a French bistro & the next week there is an Asian nail salon in its place. There is never a dull moment when walking around these streets.

May 2008 - taking a break from walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

May 2008 - taking a break while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge....

To walk around in NYC one must be dressed to impress…ok, well, not really, but that is what I tell myself so that I can go shopping! That leads me to the next thing I love about NYC: the stores!!! All of my favorite stores from around the world are found here. I can walk up to Fifth Avenue and have the time of my life window shopping as I dream of purchasing the newest Kenneth Cole boots. I love being able to buy the latest trends (mostly at the cheaper, non-brand name stores) and actually wear them without feeling out of place. What is equally great is that I can go out in yoga pants and a t-shirt and not be looked down upon. For that matter, I could probably go out in a clown outfit & people would walk right past me. Maybe I should try it sometime…

Our Friday Night Fellowship Group

Our Friday Night Fellowship Group

I love our church. I love our pastor, Tim Keller. Out of all the things I will miss when it is our time to move, Redeemer is one of the things I will miss the most. I love it’s vision for the city & the world. I love how a church so very large can be so personal. I love learning about our Savior in a deep & meaningful way in a City that can, at times, seem so superficial & mundane. We have been blessed to find our New York family through our church, what a great community of love & faith.

New York City is simply unique, there is  a vibe in this concrete jungle that is like no other.The lights, the people, the smells, the sounds, the culture…the legends. I could write so very much more about my love for this city, and I am sure I will at some point, but, for tonight, this ends our post for Manhattan Monday. Thank you for reading – and, come visit sometime!





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7 responses to “Manhattan Monday: why I love the City

  1. Well done, Melissa!! I didn’t find any grammatical mistakes! LOL It made me feel like I was sitting down and you were just sharing all those things with me. Hope you are doing well. Enjoy the city for me–Tulsa doesn’t quite measure up! 🙂

  2. Abuela

    WONDERFUL THOUGHTS ! By a wonderful person! Love you!

  3. Lulie

    Wonderfully written Melissa! You and Mason have made some unforgettable memories in NYC. What a great place to fall in love! You will always cherish these years “in the city.” I look forward to reading more blogs more the cute green M&M!

  4. Natalie

    Great post Melissa! I do love the HUGE variety of restaurants that are all within a few blocks of your apartment. I think I need to come back soon for another trip to Sala.

    By the way, if I come across a cheap clown costume, I’ll be sure to get it for you. 🙂

  5. atletico0517

    Look at you…you posted! And it was great! So…we will be looking for more posts with eagerness…and they can even have a mistake or two.

  6. Well, you did it! You wrote your first blog post. How do you feel now? And now I will award your grade…let me see…I’m KIDDING! I really like to read your perspective, what you are thinking, and how you feel about any subject. I guess that’s the purpose of a blog. I laughed (but not out loud since I don’t like the initials “LOL” –I have images of someone trying to say that as a word with puckered up lips and therefore always try to avoid such expressions of embarrassing outbursts of raw emotion –it’s not right). I think you ought to allow us, your readers, to suggest topics that we would like for your next posts. Here is a list to get us started:
    • Max, the nostril-licking, sexually-confused, sweet little lost & abused Alabama Yorkie who finally found a home in a high-rise apartment in New Yorkie.
    • A day-in-the-life of someone who does YOUR job.
    • What it is like to have an apartment in a major tourist destination, including the new list of prices for (a) a room at the Mandy Mansion and (b) your hourly rate to meet, talk and walk with visiting tourists.
    • What you think will happen in the next 10 years of your life.
    • How you envision your life being AFTER Mason finishes his time in the Air Force.
    • What it was like adapting to the USA after growing up in Spain, including what you miss most from Spain and what you like/dislike most about life in the USA.
    • Your fondest memories of growing up (Mamá).

    Okay, there you go. Your readers have given you an assignment, and we will not rest until we have heard from Y-O-U!

    I love you,

    • masonymelissa

      Max? Sexually confused? You’re giving people the wrong idea about the little guy. He’s just showing dominance – it’s a dog thing.

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