Ripe for the pickin’

Apple picking 050You wouldn’t think two New Yorkers without a car could walk into their apartment Saturday evening with a large bag full of freshly picked apples and a pumpkin procured right from the field. Yet there we were last night, toting a sack containing about 30 apples of all varieties and a large picture-perfect pumpkin with a long green stalk that provided a perfect handle. Such were the fruits (literally) of our day at the Applewood Orchard in Warwick, NY, located about 60 miles north of Manhattan. Apple picking 017We drove with some friends of ours, arriving about 2 and a half hours after leaving the City due to heavy traffic and a lunch stop…and a couple of wrong turns. It’s hard to believe that we found ourselves in an idyllic rural farm less than a hundred miles outside of the the nation’s largest city.

Apple picking 024And idyllic it is. Nestled in the hills of Orange County, NY (just north of the New Jersey state line), the farm consists of a sprawl of apple orchards lilting over gently undulating fields bounded by wooded areas on all sides. Applewood grows all kinds of apples, and we spent the day roaming from orchard to orchard, looking for the best apples of each type. Apple picking 047With hundreds of trees and dozens of apples per tree, the supply of fruit appeared to be endless. Of course we sampled the apples as we picked – I ate more apples yesterday than I have in the past 2 years!

Walking past the apple orchards we arrived a tall grass field with a pumpkins strewn about, ready to be picked up. I was anticipating actually cutting the pumpkins off massive vines, but they were already picked and arranged in picturesque fashion throughout the field. Apple picking 108They ranged in size from softball to almost-too-big-to-carry – we selected one in between that has a nice stalk and is symmetrically round on all sides. So with a bag of apples in one hand and a big pumpkin in the other, we made our way out, paying a very fair price for a lovely afternoon, a more than ample supply of fresh apples and a nice pumpkin, just in time for the Halloween season.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon. With the temperature in the low 60F range and a cool breeze that provided a nice chill, it was the perfect early Fall day. The sun broke through right when we arrived and gave us a crisp view with slowly drifting clouds, and illuminated the early Fall colors of the surrounding trees. We had a nice day with friends in an idyllic farm just a short drive from the City. Can’t ask for a better Fall Saturday than that…

Apple picking 100

Apple picking 115

Apple picking 033

Apple picking 121

Apple picking 125

Apple picking 127

Apple picking 147

Apple picking 142


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3 responses to “Ripe for the pickin’

  1. The pumpkin/apple picking day sounds wonderful and I loved the pictures. Don’t you just love this time of year?! The pumpkins already cut reminded me of the trick Paw-Paw played on you and Brittain when you were little. Remember? The pumpkins he “attached” to the vines for you two? He just did not want you to be disappointed when there were no pumpkins on the vine. He actually fooled me as well! I know you will enjoy the wonderful apple pie Melissa is going to prepare for you with all those apples!

  2. Abuela

    Great words,
    great fotos, and great memories!Thanks! Mamá

  3. atletico0517

    I am a little…okay, a lot jealous! 🙂 Glad you guys got to away and have a great time with great friends.

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