A letter to my little one.

Dearest Baby,

On Thanksgiving Day 2009 Daddy´s and my life has changed forever, for we found out that God has blessed us with you! You have been a thought in our minds for a while and we cannot believe that we get to be your Mommy and Daddy. There are so many emotions in knowing you are “here.” I am scared, happy, nervous, anxious, surprised, in love, excited, and ready – ready to be your mommy and friend. I am excited about seeing Mason as your Daddy. I know he will be amazing. He is the most amazing husband and man I have ever met. Baby, we are so lucky to have him, you will see.  Your daddy is so kind, gentle, smart,patient, loving and wonderful…I hope you have a lot of his qualities. You will be amazing  and unique no matter what, we will always love you.

We look forward to so much, most immediately to telling your Lulie and Don-o, your Abuelo y Abuela and all your other family! They have been praying for you with us all along. We know they will all be very surprised and completely elated. I look forward to feeling you grow inside me, to meeting you for the first time, holding you, kissing your little face and hands, playing with you, reading to you and teaching you about our Heavenly Father’s amazing love. Your Daddy will be better at teaching you things though, he is such a great teacher. I hope you will see how much I love your father, and how truly happy he makes me. I hope you always know how thankful we are for you and how much we love you. We are going to have a great life.

I can’t wait to see you with your big brother Max, he is going to be great with you. I think he will bring you hours of entertainment! He is our little joy. I also can’t wait to see you with your cousins. They are wonderful – you are going to have so much fun playing with them. Andrés is so funny and creative, he will be able to teach you a lot of fun things. Caroline is so sweet, I think she will make you feel happy and good overall. Daniel is so funny, fun and entertaining, you will laugh a lot with him. The truth is, I think all four of you will enjoy being with one another. I look forward to seeing you grow up together, I think we will make many great memories with your cousins.

Well Baby, this is the closing of my first letter to you. My plan is to write to you while I am pregnant with you and after you are here so that you can look back and know what Daddy and I were thinking and feeling. I can´t wait to have you in our lives. I love you so very much already and you are only the size of a blueberry!

All my heart,




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5 responses to “A letter to my little one.

  1. abuela

    So sweet! We love our little blueberry already and are praying daily!!!! You guys will be great parents!

  2. Keshia Atwood

    Praying for you, Mason, and the little one! It’s an amazing thing to feel a life growing inside of you. Looking forward to hearing all about your journey along the way!


  3. atletico0517

    Dear blueberry…we can’t wait to meet you. You have a wonderful mommy and daddy and your cousins (A, C and D) will love having you to play with during Turnbough gatherings.
    Aunt Brooke

  4. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy! Psalm 126:3

  5. Bethany C.

    This is so sweet Melissa! I’m so excited for you guys! Enjoy the journey. I love you.

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