Thoughts and happenings of late

Due to some computer problems I had to delay posting this letter, this is something I wrote two weeks ago.

Dear Baby, I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t been feeling so great, but I am finally starting to feel better. I don’t really mind being sick though, I know it is for a GREAT cause…YOU!  Even though I haven’t written to you in a while we talk about you many times every day. Daddy and I pray for you all the time. I have a feeling we aren’t the only ones praying for you and thinking about you.

Yesterday you turned 14 weeks. You are the size of a lemon this week, about three and a half inches long, and only about an ounce and a half in weight. I wonder if you will like lemons – your “cousin” Lilly loves them – I hope you two will be close. I sure do love her Mommy (“Aunt” Heather), and I know you will love her too. Anyway,  yesterday Daddy got an ultrasound machine from the O.R. and took it up to his office, after messing  with it for quite a while we were finally able to see you. You are amazing. It was the first time I saw your arms and hands. As I saw them moving around I thought about what they will one day do…will they love to play football or paint beautiful portraits? Will they play the piano like your Tio Mateo or delicately heal people like your Papa? I can’t wait to kiss your little hands and feel your hugs. One thing I know, Daddy and I will always be here to hold your hand no matter what.

Going back to the ultrasound. We video-taped it, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out so great because it was an old machine. We posted your first homemade video on YouTube for all of your family to see. You will be video-taped A LOT in your lifetime, so, I guess this is the beginning of you getting used to it.  I think it was very “emocionante” (I can’t remember that word in English) for your family to see you for the very first time. I think it is more real for us all now. We all know you exist, but it is hard imagine when we can’t actually see you. I think the video has already been watched over a hundred times combined with your Abuelos, Don-o and Lulie, and Mama watching it! I could watch you all day long. It is amazing how deeply connected I feel to you already. Not just because you are growing inside me, but a deep emotional connection.

I love you so very much already it almost hurts! I hope I can always show you how deep this love is for you. Even more than that, I hope you can see how deep the love of our Heavenly Father is for you. This is something I am still learning. I guess we will be learning some things together. So Daddy and I have decided to not find out whether you are a boy or a girl until your birthday. I think this is “killing”  some of our family and friends. To tell you the truth I kinda want to find out as well, mostly because I am a planner and I want everything to be perfect when you arrive into this crazy world. On the other hand, I see how fun and exciting this element of surprise will be. We will see if I last. Everyone that I have talked to thinks you are a girl. For some reason I think you are a boy. I guess only God knows at this point.

In other news, we found out you will be born in Florida. The Air Force is sending Daddy (and therefore all of us) to Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach, FL. We were excited to finally know where we will be meeting you, where you will be taking your first steps, saying your first words, making your first friends, etc. We are so happy to be moving there because we will be closer to your Lulie and Don-o, Uncle Brittain and Aunt Ling, and a lot of other family. We were kinda said too cause it is going to take us longer to get to Spain where  your Abuelos, Tios, y primos live. It is OK though, I know we will be taking many trips there to see them.Quiero que sepas dónde tu Mamá creció para la mayor parte de su vida…la cultura, la comida, el idioma, y más que nada, la familia que tenemos allí. Quiero que conozcas a tus abuelos y tíos. Quiero que tus primos sean unos de tus mejores amigos. Tengo grandes planes para nuestros tiempos en lo que era mi país. Espero hablarte en español cada día para que vayas aprendiendo los dos idiomas.

I guess that is enough for now. I promise I will try to write to you more often my sweet little lemon (for this week at least!).

All my love,




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2 responses to “Thoughts and happenings of late

  1. abuela

    So happy for a baby! I wish August would get here, so we could hold this sweet baby! Thank you for posting!!!!!

  2. atletico0517

    Yay for another post/letter to the baby. So sweet. I bought him/her something in Benidorm. I just couldn’t resist! We pray for you all three all the time. (Te queremos little baby)

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