Dearest Baby M

Hi Baby!

I am so sorry I haven’t written to you faithfully. Mommy and Daddy have been so very busy, but, as you know, we talk to you EVERYDAY!!! And, we are constantly thinking about you.

A lot has happened since I wrote to you last. I felt you move for the first time on March 12th. It was only a little flutter and I wasn’t convinced it was you. After a few days I realized it had to be you!!! Daddy felt you move for the first time on March 15th. Feeling you move has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Your life is such a miracle. Feeling you grow inside me is an experience like none other. Daddy and I have spent hours looking at you move in my “belly”. I felt you have the hiccups for the first time on May 26th…what fun that has been!! You really don’t move around a lot, you seem to us to be pretty calm. Most evenings, anywhere from 8,30 to 9,30 is your “party time”, as we call it. Around this time we can generally speaking always see and feel you move around, we love spending this time as a family. Although, a couple of weeks ago you kicked Max while he was laying on my belly and you scared him to death!! He ran away from us and didn’t want to come near me for a few hours. I think he is getting use to having you inside me now. I must admit that I am going to miss having you inside of me, it is such a unique feeling. I am amazed at how pregnancy feels. I love having you grow inside me, I am so lucky to be your Mommy.

We found out that you are a boy on April 11th. We weren’t planning on finding out but the truth of the matter is that Mommy couldn’t stand not knowing. It turns out that I am not very patient 😉 Abuela was with us the day we had the ultrasound to find out, so, the tech told her and she told Abuelo and your Tio’s. So, since the four of them knew, we let them tell us over a video phone call on the computer!! I have been trying to figure out what to do with your room and I am just not sure!!!!!!!!! I hope your room is comfy for you no matter what, we will have tons of fun reading books and playing!

In other news, Daddy graduated from his very intense surgical residency on June 3rd. I cannot believe how hard he has worked. I am so proud of him, I know you will be too. He really is a great doctor and surgeon. I feel so “lucky” to be married to him. He is the best of all worlds…he is so smart but so humble. He  really knows how to serve others. He is more patient with me than I deserve. I cannot wait to see him as your Daddy. I hope you get a lot of his qualities. Although, God is creating you with your own unique and wonderful personality. I cannot wait to get to know all of your beautiful traits.

On June 4th the movers came and packed all of our stuff and we left NYC with a lot of sadness. We are really going to miss living there. BUT, I do think you will enjoy living at the beach much more. I think this might be a good change for our family, even though it is a hard one. We still dream of all of us moving back one day.

We bought our first car, the car we will bring you home in!!! The car that we will use to take us on many fun and new adventures! We also signed a lease on a beautiful condo right on the beach. There are several pools and it is right on the beach. There is also a playground and lots of grassy areas for you to play on!! I am really looking forward to your cousins coming and enjoying all the amenities! I cannot wait to see Daniel on the beach, Caroline on the swings, and Andrew kicking his ball around on the grass…we are going to have a ton of fun. I wish they lived closer, I think you would absolutely love having them nearby. They really do bring so much joy and laughter to a home, as I know you will too.

Well, I guess that is about it for today. I will hopefully be able to write more in the next few weeks. Know that I love you no matter what. You are our biggest joy. We are already so proud of you! I hope you love being a part of this family as much as we love being your parents.

I love you more than words can express,



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One response to “Dearest Baby M

  1. abuela

    Baby M,it has been so much fun and joy seeing you in the ultra-sound and feeling you play ball in mommy!
    I can not wait to get to know you! God has created you in such a wonderful way!
    I look forward to playing with you and jumping on the bed with you! We are going to have so much fun!
    I pray for you everyday and I am thankful for your mommy and daddy, they are great parents already!
    Love you little one!!

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