Seven and a half months ago I made my last post on this blog, about how New Yorkers cope with inclement weather. Seems innocuous enough, but kind of a lot has happened since November 25, 2009. The Green M&M has been dutifully blogging over the past 32 weeks, keeping you up to date on the goings-on in our lives, but I just haven’t been up for it. A small part of this absence has due to work, a larger portion to general apathy after a busy 4 months of blogging, but mostly it has been laziness on my part. Laziness in terms of actually sitting down and physically writing, laziness in terms of mentally churning out a coherent and intelligent piece, and laziness in terms of self-evaluation and introspection to relate my thoughts and feelings on the events of this year.

For that laziness, dear reader (I say in my most 17th century Baroque inflection, accompanied by a shuffle of the feet), I humbly apologize and beg your forgiveness. Contrary to the appearance of shrugging off this blog, my intention is quite the opposite. Blogging is a great way to allow you into our lives and thus for us to enter yours. I enjoy writing, enjoy reading what Melissa writes, and enjoy your comments. So I would like to re-invigorate my participation in this blog, and make it at least a semi-thriving and consistently engaging diversion.

As such, over the next week I will be making a series of posts catching up on our lives over the past half year. I’ll start off by discussion the pregnancy and our new baby (arriving all too soon), followed by thoughts on leaving New York, moving ahead to our new home in Florida, and finally embarking on a career in surgery. So, after granting absolution, I ask you to stay on board as we catch up and move forward. I hope this new brand of M&Ms will be to your taste!

Yours truly,



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3 responses to “Confessions

  1. Brooke

    Glad you are back!

  2. abuela

    Can not wait to read more, Mason!!!

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