Fearing my dreams

Dearest Baby M,

Daddy and I are finally moved in to our new home. There isn’t much in here at the moment, we ordered our furniture and are waiting for it to arrive on July 23rd, unfortunately your furniture won’t be here until the beginning of September, sorry about that! I am hoping you wait to come until we have at least these minimal pieces of furniture in place, but I guess you don’t much care about whether or not we have furniture or not?!?!?

We had our first appointment with our new midwife, Jenny Allen, last Tuesday (July 6th). To our surprise she told us I am already three centimeters dilated!!!! I was 35 weeks and 3 days at that point. It looks like you might actually be a July baby. This is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I really can’t wait to see what/who you look like and to get to know your personality. BUT, I feel as though I need to get so much done in our new home before you arrive. I am a bit of a clean freak and an organization lover. Daddy and I have been saying that I have become even more prone to cleanliness and organization since I’ve been pregnant with you, not the best thing when in the midst of moving.

Today Abuela and I washed most of your clothes, blankets, etc. Your Abuelo put your stroller together. We got as much together as we could. It was fun to do! Yesterday Daddy and I put your bassinet together. Tomorrow we plan on painting your room and a few other rooms in the house. I just need to say again that I wish your furniture were here already 😦  But, on the other hand, I guess you will be sleeping in our room in your bassinet, so it doesn’t really matter in the end.

July 13th – Well, we did end up painting today! I am happy with the way it looks, I can’t wait to put everything in there now! I am not sure how we would be getting all this done without your Abuelos’ help, they have been truly wonderful! Thank you Abuelo y Abuela!! We love you!

So, I find myself walking in to your room and just standing there, looking at all your little clothes and diapers and books. I also simply lay down on your floor and think of what we will do in your room, the books we will read, the toys we will play with, the stories we will tell you…I look forward to it all. This really is an exciting time. I have been bad about taking pictures toward the end of your time growing inside me, I need to do better about photographically recording all these wonderful memories so that one day you can look back at them and see all the wonderful things going on during this time! And so we can look back fondly and talk about these great days! I hope you love our life as much as we do.

I think I will close here. It is 2,15 in the morning and I should try to go back to sleep.

I love you little man, I hope you always know that!




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2 responses to “Fearing my dreams

  1. abuela

    Baby M, we LOVE working to get things ready for YOU! I told your mommy ayer, that I can not wait to meet you!!!! Mommy has great taste , so your room is really looking beautiful! Daddy is being a great daddy too, he is a great help!
    Life is not perfect and we are not always in control of what happens, but we can control our actions! I pray our actions will always be God pleasing !
    I am also praying for your actions to be God pleasing!
    As mommy wrote things are not perfect for your arrival, BUT we know that, you just want love and milk! So we will be here to give you ALL the love part! I LOVE YOU ALREADY BABY LIAM!

  2. masonymelissa

    Great post, babe! We have some very, very happy times in our near future!

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