Liam loves to:

Stare at the Christmas lights.

Go for walks.

Play with Mr. Octopus.

Watch Max and Luna play together.

“Talk” to us and tell us all about his day, he talks the most in the mornings-best part of my day.

Laughing, he has the best laugh.

Play with his hands, he is figuring out how to grab toys, he loves this new-found talent!

He still loves breast milk!

He has two “snugglies” that are soft mini blankets that we put near his face to go to sleep.

Swing time.

Watching people, especially little kids 🙂

Getting out and exploring, but only for short periods at a time.

Playing “super-baby” or as some call it “superman”.

Liam does NOT like:

Tummy time, he has rolled over a hand full of times but still hates tummy time.

Sleeping. I still can’t believe MY child does not like to sleep. He is so curious and doesn’t like to miss anything!

Wind, he does this hilarious gasping sound when wind is hitting his face.

Being left alone, he is most definitely like his Mommy in this, he is so social and wants to be entertained and talked to most of the day!

Being in the car seat by himself. He wants someone in the backseat with him.

Peeing on himself while he sleeps (as if anyone would like that!), and it happens at some point every day.

I have been loving motherhood so much lately. I feel as though the last 6-8 weeks have been great. Liam is SO much fun. I can’t believe how big he is getting and quickly he is changing. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. You are going to get sick of  reading me write this but here it goes…I look forward to Liam’s next stage but I get sad to think that this stage is over with. I will never get this age or stage back, how sad!! I am trying to enjoy these sleepless nights as much as possible. Liam is a snuggle bug, a funny boy, a happy little guy…our joy. Watching him grow is a ton of fun and my privilege and pleasure. Thank you God for my little boy.

Here are some pictures of our fun bundle:

Liam playing with his rattles.

During night time routine, loving on Daddy.

Liam at his first Thanksgiving.

Picking out his first Christmas tree with Daddy.

Liam with one of his snugglies.

Playing "superbaby".

With Abuelo's at Opryland Hotel.

Meeting his new life-long friend, Eli.

First time eating cereal.

Playing with his early Christmas gift.

Swing time with Luna.

Looking at the Christmas lights.



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3 responses to “Liam

  1. Aunt June

    Love the blog. Enjoyed reading about Liam. He is a cutie!!!

  2. Lea

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Mommy-hood and the joy/angst of it all. 🙂 They do grow quickly, but as you are seeing the next stage is as much fun and as fascinating as the last. I love the photos. How did he like that cereal??

  3. Loved reading about his likes and dislikes!!! Doesn’t he look so big compared to a newborn now??!! You and Mason are doing a great job!! Can’t wait to squeeze him!

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