New Year’s Resolution

Yes, I know you’ve seen this before. But really, this time I mean it. After another overly long hiatus (a whopping 138 days), the Blue M&M is back and promises – with his hand pressed firmly to the white M on his chest – that he is back to regular posting and will not take such a long break again. The reality is I miss blogging, and will do my best to make a couple of posts a week. I know our track record isn’t great – especially my track record – but for everyone who actually reads this blog, know that it will be updated with much more consistency and regularity. To prove my sincerity, a new post is imminent. This blog was good last Fall, non-existent last Spring, revived somewhat over the summer, and has been sustained on life support by the Green M&M. Hopefully it will return to robust vitality quite soon…

Yours truly,


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One response to “New Year’s Resolution

  1. abuela

    Thank you, Mason! I missed your blog!!! I am looking forward to the next words from you!

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