Dearest Baby M2

Baby Girl,

What a surprise you have been to us in every way! We already love you so much and are so thankful for you. One day you will probably hear  how shocked I was to find out that you were growing inside of me. You will also probably hear that I was a little sad. Baby Girl, this had nothing to do with you and everything to do with your silly Mommy. I was/am scared that I won’t be as good as a mommy as you and your brother deserve. I am terrified that you and Liam will not feel loved enough or have enough “Mommy time”. In my perfect plan you were due to arrive a year or two later. But you came at a much better time. You came in God’s perfect timing.

You also shocked us by being a girl! Daddy and I really wanted you to be a little girl but we had convinced ourselves that you were a boy. We were going to name you Lucas. When Dr. Esses did the ultrasound and told us you were a GIRL I just kept saying “WHAT?!??!? REALLY?!? NO WAY!”  I still can’t believe that I get to be a mommy to you, my precious little girl. I think I might not completely believe it until I hold you in my arms!

I am twenty weeks pregnant with you and time is flying by until the day we get to meet you. I find myself dreaming of you and what  you will be like on a daily basis. I daydream of all the fun girly things we are going to be able to do together. I hope we can be as close as I am to Abuela. I pray for you. I pray that you will see how precious and perfect you are. I pray that  you will see yourself in God’s eyes.

Honey, you are so blessed because you have the BEST Daddy in the entire world. Your Daddy treats me better than any woman could ever dream of. I really hope and pray that you will find a husband exactly like your Father, but I feel as though it will be hard. He is so uniquely wonderful. You will be spoiled by seeing how amazingly he treats me and us. You deserve someone like him though, I pray you wait patiently for whomever God has for you.

Your big brother is so much fun! I know he is going to make you laugh a lot. He is a good snuggle bug too!  I really hope you two are really close and truly enjoy each others company. I know there will be times when you get on each others nerves but I pray that at the end of the day you realize there is nothing in this world like family.

I am planning your room and having so much fun all along the way. I love looking at all the girl bedding and baby clothes. It really is so much fun. I hope I don’t go overboard! I cannot wait to have your nursery together! I know you probably won’t remember your first room but I want you to know that we put a lot of effort it to making it perfect for you. We have many years of planning your rooms and clothes together-how much fun!

Well, I guess that is all for now. I am sorry if I don’t write much but know that I think about you everyday. Our family is going to have so much fun together. You were perfectly placed in this family and I love you always, Mama.

Our first unofficial family picture!




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5 responses to “Dearest Baby M2

  1. Amy Carder

    Melissa, this is soo sweet. It makes me cry. What a precious gift our children are. Congratulations to both you & Mason. 🙂

  2. I have all the letters that I wrote to our Prayer Warriors before we adopted Brooke. I totally didn’t think that Madi was actually going to happen so I didn’t get the information out about her until after she arrived. Everyone was shocked to see us with another baby.
    They are 15 months apart. I was sleep deprived. I really don’t know how I survived those first two years HOWEVER it is AMAZING!! They are the best of pals. They do SO much together, praise each other, love each other and they literally miss each other when they are apart. Brooke (4) and Madi (3) were also in God’s timing and His timing is ALWAYS perfect!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with not only your little girl but for all of us, too!!

  3. Abuela

    SHE IS ONE BLESSED LITTLE GIRL! She is blessed to have such a
    wonderful daddy! She is blessed to have such a wonderful fun big brother!
    I pray she is as sweet as you are! I am so blessed to have you as my daughter and friend! I am praying for her daily and can not wait to meet her and see how she can make this world a better place!

  4. Sweet post Melissa! We can’t wait to meet her and love on her! (Aunt Brooke/Tia)

  5. Aly

    Just found your blog and can’t wait to read more of it! I have to ask – you have this AMAZING photo of Times Square and the Broadway Billboards. I am looking for something EXACTLY like that for my living room – yes, we are contemporary & love theatre! Any chance that either you took that photo or you can lead me to where you found it? I only want it for my house, not to have it duplicated elsewhere.

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