Liam at 16 months

I cannot believe you are already 16 months old! Here are some of my favorite things about you lately:

– The way you bring us books to read to you. You will sit in our lap for a good 20 minutes and we will just flip through books.

– You randomly come up to me and give me a hug, melts my heart. You are my snuggle bug.

– Sometimes when you are hugging me or while I am holding you, you pat my arm or my back. Adorable.

– You love to pull/push toys all around the house.

– The way you say iPad, you shake your head up and down when you say it.

– You are trying to repeat a lot of the words we say. Here is what you can say so far: iPad, Mama, Dada, bye-bye, Abuelo, Abuela, Don, done, down, Calliou, “whoo” like the owl, “wow-wow” like the dog, WOW, Uh-Oh, agua, caca, and “No” (but you never say it just once…it’s always “no no no no”). You sign for more, all done, and eat.

– Along those lines, you are constantly babbling…no one really knows what you are saying but I love to hear you “speak” all the same!

– You could live outside. You love exploring and picking things up from the ground.

– The way you dance when you hear music. You recently added twirling to your dance routine. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. If you hear a beat that you fancy you will start to dance.

– The way you try to snap.

– The way you try to wink, you basically blink your long beautiful eyelashes.

– I put up these fabric alphabet letters on the playroom wall and we have an elephant that sings the alphabet. We often turn on the elephant and point to the letters as we sing the alphabet song. You have started to point to each letter as we sing together. You are so smart.

– I love the way you walk around with one of your lovie’s in your mouth. We have Elly the Elephant, Barry the Bear, and Ralphy the Dog. They smell so badly, it doesn’t matter how often I wash them- they stink! But, you absolutely love them and know where one of them is at all times.

– You give us besos and blow us kisses. I cherish each and every one.

– I love watching you play with Max and Luna. You love it when they run around, you try to run after them and throw them their toys.

– Hearing you laugh. I can’t help but smile.

– Hearing you call my name. You know who I am and want to be with me. This brings me so much joy because I love being with you, you fill my days with so much happiness. I love being your Mommy.

Love Always,




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2 responses to “Liam at 16 months

  1. It is all true! I laughed when I thought of Liam saying iPad shaking his head, patting you, hugging you (I’ve gotten some of those and they really are very special), dancing, talking, signing, exploring, etc. I love watching him do it all. I think it is a good idea to write it down like this (now save every blog somewhere!). Love you, Papá or “Abuelo, Abuelo, Abuelo”

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