Short and Sweet

Well, Mason and I both have several half-written blogs but nothing completed as of yet.  Honestly, a lot of my blogs seem silly to finish now. I am constantly inspired by my sister (in-law), Brooke, she is great about writing blogs that are short and sweet. They are a perfect little  insight to their world, which is exactly what I love!

We are a busy family of four! We move to Franklin, TN next week and I, for one, am feeling extremely excited! But that is an entire post on its own.

Some random Mandy Family facts:

-At 18 months Liam weighs 24 lbs and is 32 in long

-Sofia at 2 months weighs 12 lbs and is 23 in long.

-Melissa 2 months post-partum weighs…well, lets just say I’ve got a few more pounds to lose…

-Liam is saying about 30 words, some in spanish and some in english. His new favorite is “WOW, cool” (we have no idea where he learned that phrase). He is learning to say please and thank you. He mostly signs please and he says “nah-noh” for thank you.

-Liam has also been learning his body parts in both languages. He still gets a bit confused at times but one thing is for sure, he knows where his OJOS are… just ask him in spanish the next time you see him 😉

-Liam prays with us, bowing his head and holding our hands in the process, and says amen.

-When one of us “fake cries” Liam will run over and pat us, he always wants to make sure we are ok.

-Liam is doing and saying all sorts of fun things. I truly love every day with him. I fall deeper in love with our sweet boy every day.

-Sofia started smiling a few days after her one month birthday and has been a smiley girl ever since!

-Sofia has started to “talk” in her own special babble. She hasn’t become very vocal just yet but we love the few squeaks and squeals that we get to hear occasionally.

-Sofia is sleeping through the night (which Liam did not do regularly until he was EIGHT months!!!) This has been a blessing in so many ways. I thank God every day.

-Sofia is overall an easy going, pleasant baby. She is growing so quickly and is a joy to have around!

-Liam and Sofia don’t really interact much. He loves to give Sofia her chupete (paci), it ends up being more like a forceful pushing of any part of the chupete in her mouth, but, it is sweet none-the-less. He also likes to put music on for her when she is in her swing…or maybe he just likes to push the button, all the same, it is some sort of interaction.

Well, enough words, here are some pictures from the last month:

Matching outfits - note poor Sofia's newborn rash, it has thankfully cleared up!

Poor girl isn't super photogenic at this stage. She is beyond adorable in person. Promise.

Thanks for the outfit "Zia" Tania!!

Liam LOVES to read!

Our best friends from NYC came to visit us. We are hoping these two will be brother-in-laws one day!

Sofia's first bottle of expressed breast milk.

Silly Mandy Photos ahead:

I promise I don't kiss like this 😉

Alright, enough of our family photo night…

"I'm never coming back. NEVER!"...Yep, some days are just this kind of day.

And here are some beach pictures:

There are so many more photos but I think I will close for now. I hear the homemade cookie dough in our fridge calling my name….mmmmmmmmmm, warm cookies and cold milk. Nothing like it.



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3 responses to “Short and Sweet

  1. Sweet,sweet blog Melissa! There is nothing like the awe and wonder of a young child! I have always felt toddlers are little sponges, soaking up everything in the world. It is a precious time, so cherish it each day. It looks like you and Mason are having fun which is as it should be! What a fun family! We love you all!

  2. I’ve also drafted a few things before to post but, like you, never feel up to posting it once a little time has gone by. This is great though! You are so busy but how neat when Liam and Sofia are grown to be able to read this!!

  3. susan

    this is so old and i haven’t been keeping up! but iwas cracking up at the “wow cool” – i don’t even know why haha

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