Liam Lately

The Mandy family has been experiencing a lot of changes lately so blogging hasn’t been first priority. Regardless of the craziness going on in our lives our children are still the most important. They are both the biggest gifts from God.

Liam’s personality at 21 months is:

-Sweet. He gives us unsolicited hugs, cuddles up and is overall sweet and loving.

-Caring. When Sofia is crying he will go over to her and give her her chupete. When we fake cry he will come over and pat us.

-Smart. Yes, every parent thinks their child is smart but Liam is truly unique 😉 He watches us do something once and can repeat our actions exactly. I must watch every thing I do in front of him!

-Kind/Gentle. When playing with other children, Liam never hits back when he is hit, he simply looks down and walks away. He is quick to let others play with his toys. He is gentle with the yorkies when he pats them. He also pats me when I hold him, I am desperately in love.

-Funny. He is a jokester. We play this game where he “fake” laughs and then I “fake” laugh until we start to really laugh. He is just silly. He has the best laugh and smile.

-Stubborn. Our boy likes things a certain way and everyone around knows when he doesn’t get his way. We are working very hard on being consistent with disciplining him but this is an entirely different post.

-Chatter box. Boy does Liam like to talk. Sound familiar?!?!? He might look exactly like his Daddy but he seems to have his Mama’s personality! He prayed yesterday for the first time “Cheesus na-no amen”  which means “Jesus, thank you amen”. He literally walks around all day talking. I cannot wait until I can understand every word he is saying. He is at the age where he is convinced he is speaking in English/Spanish but in actuality it’s Liam speak. I feel bad that he is frustrated, I am frustrated too!

When you are frustrated or tired your lovies always seem to help. We have about four of them and there is no tricking you into a new one anymore. (They don’t have the most pleasant odor so I’ve tried replacing them). You call them all “ellell” now for Ellie. We NEVER leave home without one!

I know this is silly but I often think about what kind of man Liam will become. I think he is out to a great start! He certainly has a wonderful role model in his Daddy. Liam, I pray for you so many times a day – for your development, your future, your decisions, and even the woman who will become your wife. Our Heavenly Father has given me the biggest gift in loaning you to ME! I cannot tell you enough how much I love being your mother.

Liam patting Sofia

Silly boy.

He is beginning to climb on/in to everything!


Getting your very first haircut. The original Ellie tagged along offering a little comfort and support.

Liam and Mama at the Zoo.

With all my love,


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