Sweet Sofia

Sofia, you are almost 6 months old. You are the definition of sweetness. I can honestly say I have never met such a good baby and get to be your Mommy! 

You tried solid food (rice cereal) for the first time yesterday, May 19th. You LOVED it. I think you were more than ready to start eating solids. I can’t believe you are old enough to be eating solids.


You sleep on your belly. You basically crawl in your sleep and end up in all sorts of weird places in your crib. You can turn from your belly to your back which you do while you sleep and get very frustrated because it wakes you up. Overall you are a great sleeper. You sleep around 11 hours at night and take two naps during the day. We usually can lay you down and you go straight to sleep.

You are starting to grab at everything! You love to play with sophie the giraffe. You chew on anything that gets in your grasp. When I’m holding you you love to chomp on my chin. Your eye hand coordination is starting to develop. I love to watch you look at your hands as you move them towards your mouth or towards a toy. It is truly amazing how much you’ve grown.

Patient. Sofia, you are the most patient baby. When you wake up in the mornings after sleeping for 11 hours you don’t yell for me to feed you, instead you have a huge smile and patiently wait. Sometimes I can see you are frustrated or want change but you will wait if I simply talk to you and tell you that I will come to you soon. Your thumb helps you through the tough times of the day. It is adorable how you suck your thumb when you need a little comfort or when you are tired!




You use to hate your car seat but lately you have done much better, which I am so grateful for! Car rides are much more pleasant now!

First time in your Jenny Jump Up.

You love to be in the k’atan carrier facing out. Anytime you are fussy and I need to get things done I simply strap you on and we go about our business. You kick your legs and get so excited. Although with your newly found ability to grab anything within site I have to be a bit more careful!



The exersaucer is one of your favorite activities lately. You also enjoy watching the yorkies play. But your favorite person to watch is Liam, he makes you smile all the time. He is your biggest source of entertainment!

My favorite time with you is right after a feed. You have this drunken smile and are usually somewhat giddy! This is “our time”, you hold my finger or my shirt and we laugh back and forth. I love looking into your big blue eyes – I see such tenderness, innocence, love and joy. On that note you smile so easily which everyone around you LOVES. If someone simply looks at you give us an ear to ear grin. Your smiles makes the worst days worth it all. I cannot tell you the times when I have been sad, angry, frustrated and I look at you and your smile melts my bad emotions away.

You continue to be our surprise baby and I love you more every day.

With all my love,


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  1. Both of your posts today are great journals of the history of Liam and Sofia. I guess the idea is to write to them with the idea they’ll read this someday? Regardless, I give witness to the fact that all you have written is true. I’ve seen the same things. Liam and Sofia have their own unique personalities and they both are a blessing.


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