Why M&Ms for the Soul?

The better question, of course, is why not M&Ms for the Soul? We have brains, imaginations, highly alliterative M names, and a computer with Internet connection, so we’re more than qualified to start a blog. While we have no particular claim to fame or any important office, we would like to share our passing interests and ardent passions, along with whatever musings prance through our heads. It’s something we’ve contemplated doing for some time now – both individually and together – and now seems like as good an opportunity as any.

Part of what appeals to us about a joint blog is the completeness of perspective we hope to achieve: masculine and feminine, male and female, introvert and extrovert, American and European, Calvinist and Arminian, doctor and nurse – the entire spectrum of M&Ms. We won’t always agree with each other, and you won’t always agree with us, but hopefully we will all learn something from the wide array of opinions and beliefs each of us holds dear. God gave each of us a soul – a core of our being – something concrete and yet dynamic, irrevocably changed and molded by every thought, sensation, and interaction. So we want to share a morsel of our souls with you, and hopefully receive from you in return.

And then there’s the City. Only a tiny fraction of the billions of people on Earth will ever set foot in New York City. That number becomes even smaller when you consider all the people who have ever lived and will ever live, and minuscule when you consider the number of people who actually live on the island of Manhattan at some point in their lives. That we are included in that absurdly small number is a privilege like no other. With that privilege comes responsibility – a responsbility to you, dear reader, to give a glimpse into this mesmerizing fantasy of a city. Over the years numerous friends and family have asked us about New York, and in truth mere words cannot do it justice. But we’ll try to give you a taste of the world’s greatest and most diverse city from time to time in a way that will hopefully whet your appetite for more.

Thank you for reading and visiting! We hope you are edified, and that you will return often. After all, who can refuse a nice kaleidoscopic bowl of M&Ms?


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